Vadodara Gas Limited (VGL), a joint Venture Company (JVC) of GAIL Gas Limited and Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan (VMSS) was incorporated on 13th September, 2013 for city Gas Distribution in the city of Vadodara and its adjoining areas. VGL, the new JV Company will have an authorized share capital of Rs. 215 crore. The co-promoters of the JV company shall have equal stake in the company.

Presently, Vadodara Gas Limited operates nine CNG stations in Vadodara and dispensing more than 65,000 kg/day CNG, catering to the consumers of automobile sector comprising Buses, Cars and Auto-rickshaws. The CNG network in the City of Vadodara includes 3- Mother Stations, 1- On-line Station and 4- Daughter Booster Stations and 24 Km Steel Pipelines.VGL has planned to augment its CNG Distribution Network further to spread CNG Dispensing in all parts of the city and its adjoining areas. VGL has Planned to add 10 CNG stations in coming years and lay a steel pipeline network of about 50.0 Km to cater to the increasing needs of the consumers of the automobile sectors.

Vadodara Gas Limited (VGL) also caters to the Piped Natural Gas (PNG) requirements of its consumers in domestic and Commercial Sectors. VGL supplies PNG to more than 1,15,000 houses and 2800 commercial in the city through approx 1500 Km long PE Pipeline Distribution Grid and 03 District Pressure Regulating System.

VGL has planned to supply PNG to additional 5,00,000 domestic, 2000 commercial and about 1000 industrial consumers in the next five years by laying about 700 Km of PE Pipeline Distribution Network.

GAIL and VMSS carried out City Gas Distribution (CGD) activities in the City of Vadodara for more than 20 years with the gas allocation from Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. While GAIL and its wholly owned subsidiary - GAIL Gas were taking care of the fuel needs of the vehicles by supplying CNG since 1992, VMSS was supplying PNG to domestic customers since 1972. In fact, Vadodara is one of the first cities in the country to have PNG supplied by Municipal Corporation Therefore, the setting up of the joint venture is a natural alliance for the organizations.

VGL, the new joint venture plans a total capital expenditure of approx. Rs. 350 crore in the first five years in a phased manner. VGL shall be expanding its market base and piped natural gas distribution network to cover the adjoining areas of the City of the Vadodara such as Nandesari, Waghodia, Savali, Padra, Pore etc.

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has already authorized GAIL for implementing CGD project in Vadodara. Now the new JVC shall be seeking fresh authorization from PNGRB in lieu of the existing authorization available with its promoting companies.

With the incorporation of the joint venture company. both the promoters expect that there would be a dedicated thrust for CGD activities and the projects would be completed on a fast track basis to facilitate the fulfilment the city gas requirement in the city of Vadodara.