Call Emergency Helpline before you dig to avoid any accidents!!

In case you need to get any construction work around your house for a landscaping project, please call us before you start digging. It is very important to determine the exact location of natural gas pipeline for safety purposes.

Digging without having any knowledge of pipeline safety could injure you or those around you. It could damage the underground natural gas pipelines. This way you could cause safety risk to you and others around you. DO NOT start digging around your house yourself. Always make sure an authorized person from the VGL Gas Company follows all the digging work. You can identify the authorized person through his VGL Gas Employee Identification Card.

A pipeline release can be dangerous and immediate, but cautious action is necessary if you smell a gas leakage.

If you smell a leakage when you are around a pipeline:

What You Should Do What You Should Not Do
Call Emergency Helpline or call the Fire Department Turn on any equipment, machinery in that area
You should make sure no one is operating equipment or machinery around the pipeline Use your vehicles in the area or park them around the area
Extinguish all smoking materials (lighters, matches) Operate an automobile near the release
Make sure there are no vehicles parked around the area. If there are any vehicles, please contact the owners and let them know Ignore the smell or unauthorized digging anywhere
Do not roam around in the area. Please leave from that area Close any valves without direction
  Attempt to operate any pipeline-related equipment