Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Our Commitment to Safety and Occupational Health

Our Belief

To safeguard one another and those working with us by providing a safe, clean and healthy workplace and ensuring the safety of the public.

Our Vision

To be a responsive and responsible corporate citizen, we shall strive to achieve an organizational culture of Health, Safety and Environmental excellence as an integral part of Company business development.

To maintain a high standard of performance, the Company commits as a matter of policy

To place the occupational Health and Safety of employees including environmental concerns ahead of Company's commercial interests.

To follow all applicable codes, standards and safety practices in design, operation, maintenance and modifications and strive to improve.

To identify and assess potential for major hazards and institute appropriate control measures. • To create a culture where we constructively challenge unsafe behaviours.

To adopt a risk-assessment based approach to the design, construction and operation of facilities across their fu Me cycle.

To ensure that each employee observes strict compliance of safety order/ rules issued by the Company and is trained in his/ her respective area of work to ensure their competence to work safely and tackle any emergency in a safe manner.

To ensure that the engineer-in-charge for contracts ensures compliance of safety order/ rules and statutory requirements by contractor, transporters. Visitors and other agencies related to contracts.

To ensure the safety of customers, and public at large by conducting our business in a responsible manner and going beyond compliance with local regulation to meet internationally accepted good practice in health, safety and environmental protection.

To continuously create awareness about safe use of Natural Gas amongst general public.

To ensure compliance with policy through a process of education, review and audit.

To maintain a high standard of performance, the Company commits as a matter of policy